We are Baltimore's newest Big Band featuring some of the best talent in the area !
     “The Melting Pot Big Band.” When I decided in 2014 to work toward achieving my lifelong dream of producing a CD of big band music, I assembled a band of some of the areas finest players, all pulled from the various other local bands I have played with over the years (hence the “Melting Pot” moniker). After months of rehearsing and several highly-satisfying and successful studio sessions, the band ended up deciding that they were simply having too much fun, and the music was too good, to just let the band dissolve once the recording sessions were completed. So here we are today to share our music-making with you in what we hope is  just the beginning of many public performances.  Please accept the sincere thanks of  the entire band and myself  for checking us out  and helping us realize the band’s mission - to play challenging music as well as it can be played, to have fun doing so, and to share the results of our labors with an appreciative public. We hope you enjoy what you see and hear and we hope you will come out to hear us live.

  Scott Stansfield
  1. April 27th 6:30pm
    Southern York County Jazz Festival
    4/27 6:30pm
  2. May 15th 7:30pm
    Liberty High School
    5/15 7:30pm
Upcoming Performances